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Thoughts From The Machine Room: Ethereum Gas Price, Dapps & Adoption

We are now over three months into Homestead, and it has been an intense ride as we’ve seen increased mainstream media attention, massive ETH price increases, and witnessed the birth of “The DAO” as the largest crowdfunded project ever.

All these are reasons to celebrate and be grateful that we are lucky enough to participate in something so epic. Many people, myself included, were not expecting things to move quite so quickly.

The mind blowing part is that things don’t appear to be slowing down at all - on the contrary, the rhythm seems to be accelerating.

With all these exciting things happening in such a short while, it’s easy to get lost in this rush and forget why we started doing this thing in the first place. So, let’s take a few moments to look back and think about why we started this, where we are, and where we want to go as the only way to shape our future is by taking control of the present.

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